Our Policies


Firstly, thank you so much for supporting our little biz. We work really hard to make beautiful prints that you will love. If you choose to get either an automatic download or you are emailed a file of a personalised print, you will notice that you are able to save the PDF or JPEG file to your computer. Now that's super awesome, as if you lose your print or a ratbag child damages it, you can just reprint it - walah! 

But, without being a wet rag, we do not allow you to print as many copies as you like and redistribute as you wish. We also do not allow reselling of our prints in any way, shape or form. We hold copyright to these designs and even if you give us verbal or written credit, we would feel a little ripped off if you got paid for simply printing our work. Totally understandable, right? 

Soooo, if you love our prints so much that you simply cannot fight the urge to reprint and resell them - either as a stockist or as a collaboration with your own products -please, please, please get in touch! We can always see what we can do, as we love getting our stuff into as many homes as possible. 


If you see our products complementing or working well with your business and your vision, we would love to hear from you.

 Collaboration is so wonderful, and we are always willing to try out new partnerships and ventures with others. Get in touch!