Our Story

Born with a love for all things stationery. 

A rubber collector and paper hoarder from way back, I have always had a love affair with cutting, creating & crafting. 

After years of craft box Sundays, scrapbooking trolleys, recycled greeting cards & homemade invitations – technology threw a curve ball & smashed handmade paper goods out of the park. Publisher, Adobe, clipart & font bundles … welcome to my world. 

And how welcome you were.

I began my career as a school teacher in 2009. Not surprisingly, I created all of my own displays, educational games and worksheets. Certain I got more from designing them than the kids did learning from them. A natural progression from the classroom to the graphic design realm, one hand in each at all times, just to ensure life was never dull. Year book pages, party invitations, wedding planning paloozas – oh the fun!

My world was ignited with more love than I could handle in July 2013. My first babe, Elliott, joined the madness that was my life. With him came the deepest of love, purest of exhaustion and most incredible happiness.

Maternity leave was an unknown scramble of sleepless nights, milk stained tops and milestone-based chats at mothers group. While I loved being a stay at home mum, I missed being busy. E was 10 months old when I became infatuated on creating the perfect piece of typography for his nursery. Well, if only we had known. One small birth announcement that would adorn my boy’s wall - the beginning of more sleepless nights, more exhaustion, more happiness.

Hello JEM = Janessa, Elliott, Mitch. Our little family. Who I was when this all began.
18 months later we were blessed with an N. Noah was born October 2015. The most precious little man. All smitten and wrapped up in his newborn goodness, his loved up arrival triggered a reshuffling of priorities. 

Like all mothers, I thought I could do it all. Two kids, a husband, one dog and a home business. Nope. Too many orders, not enough time. Enter my darling sister, Teagan, who joined our brood to lend a hand. 

What a star! Interiors master, Business Degree, love of all things simple & crisp. She was what JEM needed. What I needed. A breath of fresh air, an eye for style, time to give. At the time, no kids on board, but a cat & pup who can be just as demanding, Teags climbed aboard our train with nothing but child-like excitement, hardcore passion and endless ideas. I love her. JEM loved her. 

Working with my sister, what a hoot. I scored big time nabbing her, that's for sure. Late nights FB chatting, hours shared building this new baby, laughing so hard we cry, snapchatting hilarious work environments (cue screaming babies & snuggled up cats). We had a magic year together, and then like all good things, it came to an end. I wanted to take JEM into a more manageable direction as I was back working in my career as a Kinder teacher and Teags was off to finalise her studies in interior design. So, sadly, but happily, we parted ways. 

And now, here I am, back to just me. But JEM has evolved more than I could have ever imagined. My little dream has now grown into a wonderful reality. I have JEM set up to be the perfect little side biz - where I can maintain it without being detrimental to my family or my real work. I hope you love what I am doing here and will consider supporting just a mum who loves to design.

J x